Kitchen Table Know No’s

Terry Davis


Description:For most of us the kitchen table is where most of the fun happens. Games, tough conversations, laughter, food, messes, and all the other great things that make this such a focal point for our lives. The kitchen table can be a great place to unify as a family but also a place that can divide. Join with Terry Davis as he shares a message about coming together at the kitchen table.

Be Still and Know—The Coffee Table—Friendship

Arron Chamber


Description:Friends are an essential part of our daily lives. Friends help to make the journey of life a more enjoyable experience but to also be there to help one another during times of struggle. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares this message about friend ship in our KNOW series.

The Dining Room Table—Righteousness

Arron Chmabers


Description:Do you feel like a guest in God’s presence or does it feel like home? Many times we never have the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with Christ because we don’t embrace our status as full members of God’s family. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares a powerful message about accepting and embracing our status as members of God’s family.

Entryway Table - Strangers

Chadwick Kellenbarger


Description:Our world is filled with different people and things that are trying to entice and pull us. Those things can lead us astray and take us away from a deeper relationship with God. Listen to this great message by Chadwick Kellenbarger about how we are to deal with strangers at the entry way table of our relationship with Christ.

Door of Hope

Arron Chambers


Description:What is the first step to starting a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus? I starts with a door. A door is an invitation to step into a deeper relationship. But we all have the option to accept this invitation or walk away from it. Listen with Arron Chambers as he shares this important first step about stepping into a new and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mandy Harvey Interview

Mandy Harvey


Description:Join with us for a special interview with musical artist Mandy Harvey. Learn about the exciting and challenging life of a musician who has lost here hearing and how God can work through impossible situations.

Community in the Overlaps of Life

Arron Chambers


Description:Community is something that we all long to be a part of. Is there a better way for us to join in the community with the world around us? Join with Arron Chambers as he shares a message about community in the overlap of life.

Be Still and Know

Arron Chambers


Description:Do you know God? A simple question that has so much meaning behind it. As followers of Christ we can sometimes miss the big picture of truly knowing God because of distractions. Sometime to truly know who God is we have to say no.


Terry Davis


Description:Storm, Jesus said that the storms of life will come and that we will face hardships of many kinds here on Earth. The troubles we face in life can seem overwhelming but we can take courage and face those things with God. Join with Terry Davis as he shares about facing the storms of life and how we can help those in their time of need.

Shine - Secret to Shine

Terry Davis


Description:Are you content? Much of our world runs by trying to get more. More money, more fame, more things. But being content is not feeling or having to have more but being full through he knowledge of Jesus Christ. Join with Terry Davis as he shares a message about being content.

Shine - The Unexpected

Aaron Worshek


Description:Do you live an unexpected life? Much of what God calls us to is unexpected. When we want to worry, God calls us to pray. When we are tempted to think like the world, God calls us to think differently. But when we do the unexpected in God’s kingdom we get the unexpected. Join with Aaron Worshek as he shares a message about living God’s way.

Shine - Citizens of Heaven

Isaiah Magana


Description:Where are you a citizen of? That is an important question that we all ask. Much of who we are comes from includes traditions, culture, and many other things help to define us. But what if our citizenship is not of this Earth but of Heaven. Would that change how we act and what we do? Join with Isaiah Magana as he shares a message about our citizenship.

Shine - Righteous

Terry Davis


Description:Do you ever try to live a perfect life? Does it feel like we can never measure up to perfection? Join with Terry Davis as he shares about having a righteousness that comes from God and not our own deeds.

Shine - Winners Shine

Trevor Sill


Description:Do we live our lives as losers or winners? There is a certain attitude and way that winners conduct themselves. Because of this attitude people take notice of them and seek to know the secrets of their success. As followers of Christ we should live our lives in a manner that points people to the victor we have through Jesus. Join with student minster Trevor Sill as he shares this message of living a life as a winner.

Shine - Service

Terry Davis


Description:Do our lives reflect a life of service to others? The Apostle Paul encouraged the church in Philippi follow the life of Christ is service to others by submitting himself to God’s plans and being a servant to others. Join with Terry Davis as we explore the living a life of service.

Shine - Life in Death

Matt Estrin


Description:For believers death is not the end of the journey. Death is just a stepping stone to a wonderful promise that God has made for all believers. Join with Matt Estrin as he shares about the promise of the life after death.

Shine - The Bible

Terry Davis


Description:The book of Philippians encourages the church in Philippi to our “love may abound more and more, with knowledge and discernment,”. As the Church how are we to grow in knowledge and discernment? One of the best tools we have is God’s Word. Join with Terry Davis as he shares about how we can trust God’s Word as a tool for gaining knowledge.


Terry Davis


Description:Does your life shine the love of Jesus? How can we as believers live in such a way that points people to Christ in all that we do. Join with Terry Davis as we start a new series in the book of Philippians.

Selfie - Just say No

Arron Chambers


Description:Sometimes we must say no. If we are not careful our lives can become so filled with all the things we’ve said yes to that we don’t have anything left to give. Join with lead minister Arron Chambers as he shares a message about just saying no.

Selfie - Self-Control

Arron Chambers


Description:The scriptures are full of examples and challenges to us to exercise self-control. Without self-control our lives can quickly become chaotic. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares with us the importance practicing self-control in our lives everyday.

Selfie - Selfless Woman

Arron Chambers


Description:Join us for a special Mother’s Day message as we continue our selfie series and talk about a selfless woman.

Selfie - Self-Aware

Arron Chambers


Description:Do you know who you are? Whose you are? Why you are? Or How are you? These are important questions that can help us to be more self-aware and ultimately lead you to be what God is calling us to be.

Selfie - Self-Sacrifice

Arron Chambers


Description:Some of the best stories in the world are the ones where someone sacrificed for others. When we give of ourselves to further and help those in need. What is God calling you to sacrifice? Is God calling you to give more than you do? And how can god use your story of self-sacrifice to help others?


Arron Chamber


Description:Our world if filled with the idea of self. The images and things we portray in social media is to show us. But what if we started looking at our world thinking of others instead of ourselves? Join us as we start an exciting new series on selflessness.

Something in the Water

Arron Chambers and Angel Flores


Description:A special Easter service focusing on the story of the woman at the well and how Christ's calls us to leave our emptiness in his hands so he can fill us with living water.

Ascent - Shelf Life of a Miracle

Arron Chambers


Description:We often forget what God has done for us, and because of this we doubt that He can do it again. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares the exciting tale of Journey’s story from it’s inception to present.

Ascent - Obedience

Terry Davis


Description:What would it look like if we commited to taking one step this year to be obeident to God's plan for our lives? How would that change the world around us? Join with Terry Davis as he explores this idea.

Ascent - Stress

Arron Chambers


Description:Our lives are constantly bombarded by worry and stress. We worry about the government, our families, jobs, and the list goes on. How are we as followers of Christ to deal with stress? Join with lead minister Arron Chambers as he shares about overcoming and facing stress.

Ascent - It seemed but a Dream

Russ York


Description:Join with Journey's founding pastor Russ York as he shares with us our history and what the future looks like for Journey.

Ascent - Fortified or Fragile?

Arron Chambers


Description:Psalms 125 speaks of God’s promise to protect us and make us secure. Arron Chambers shares a message about being secure in God with a message from Psalms 125.

Ascent - Freedom

Arron Chambers


Description:What holds you back? Fear? Depression? Anger? While the list can on that is not the life that Christ envisioned for us. Jesus came to give us a life free that enables us to fulfill God’s will for our life. Join with Arron as he shares a message on Psalms 124.

Ascent - City of God

Chadwick Kellenbarger


Description:Why is it so important for us to face the challenge of reaching the summit? Chadwick shares with us the need of why it is so important for us to give to the Ascent project.

Ascent - The Climb

Arron Chambers


Description:Are you a tourist or a pilgrim? Tourists are out to enjoy themselves and have a good time with no particular purpose. Pilgrims however, are on a mission they are not on their journey just for fun but to accomplish and reach a destination. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares an exciting message about Journey mission of Ascent to our next adventure.

The Word is Faith

Chadwick Kellenbarger


Description:Join us in welcoming our new executive minister Chadwick Kellenbarger to Journey. Chadwick shares a message as an extension to our Word series and speaks about faith and its impact in our lives.

The Word is Truth

Arron Chambers


Description:Truth is a powerful thing. It has the power to free us, give us hope, and change us. Truth can also be painful when it forces us to give up lies that we have embraced. God’s word is truth and with it comes the power to stand when the storms of life come.

The Word is Grace

Terry Davis


Description:Grace has always been a foundational piece of The Christian Faith. Just as we need grace from Jesus to live we should also offer grace to the lost do around us who need Jesus. Join with teaching minister Terry Davis as he shares this important message on grace.

The Word is Life

Arron Chambers


Description:John chapter one says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. We believe that The Word of God has the power to give us life in the midst of our darkest moments. Jesus is the ultimate and final word that speaks into our lives.


Arron Chambers


Description:Can one word be something that changes you this year? As we star our new series called Word we invite you on an adventure that is like no other. We also believe that Journey as a church can be challenged and grow with a word to help us share the love of Christ. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares our vision for 2017.


Arron Chambers


Description:We all are offered the same gift at the beginning of the year, a fresh start. But what will we do with that time? Will we simply let it pass by or will we take advantage of this great gift? Listen to a timely message by Arron Chambers as he shares about how to use these our time this week.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Arron Chambers


Description:Fear is a thing that will cripple us from experiencing everything God has for us. What things can we give up this Christmas to really live the lives Christ wants for us. Listen to Arron Chambers as he shares a message of embracing Jesus’ freedom this Christmas.

It's a Wonderful Life

Arron Chambers


Description:Our lives matter, each person has an affect on those we interact with. Our lives are connected to with others and what we do makes a difference in their lives. What would the world look like if Jesus had never come? How would it change our lives. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares this message about the impact of Jesus arrival to earth.


Arron Chambers


Description:Loving people can be a difficult task. As Christians we are called to love our neighbors. Join with Arron as he shares a message about loving those around us through the classic A Christmas Carol.

Home Alone

Terry Davis


Description:For some The Holidays can be a magnifier of our current situation in our world and our relationships. It can make us feel as if we are outcast to the world around us. Jesus came to those very people who the world has forgotten. Join with Terry Davis as he shares this message of hope through the tale of Home Alone.


Arron Chambers


Description:Christmas can be a difficult season for many. During a time that some are excited about the coming events and activates. For other it is a reminder of sadness and pain. Even during moments of darkness in our lives we have reason to be joyful about the celebration of the birth of Christ during Christmas.

A Christmas Story

Arron Chambers


Description:Life is full of disappointments but the real key is how we respond to those disappointments. Do we isolate ourselves or do we embrace God in the midst of our suffering. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares about disappointment using the classic movie “A Christmas Story”

1 Corinthians - What Now?

Arron Chambers


Description:The exciting conclusion to our sermon series in 1 Corinthians. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares with us Paul’s last words as he closes his letter the Church in Corinth.

1 Corinthians - The Resurrection of the Church

Arron Chambers


Description:One of the best parts of a great meal is the last part, dessert. Knowing that the best is yet to come can make an experience even better as we anticipate the arrival of the best part. Did you know that no matter how good or bad this life is as a Christian the best is yet to come? Join with Arron Chambers as he shares with us a message about hope for the future.

1 Corinthians - The Resurrection of Jesus

Terry Davis


Description:The Resurrection of Jesus is the central point of everything the Christian faith is built on. Without it the claims Jesus made of being the Son of God would have no power of credibility. The early church faced claims from those around them that Jesus did not actually rise from the dead. The apostle Paul shared with the church in Corinthian that Jesus did in fact rise from the dead and that our hope lays in The Gospel that proclaims Jesus’ resurrection. Join with teaching minister Terry Davis as he explores the resurrection.

1 Corinthians - Orderly Worship

Arron Chambers


Description:Things without order can lead to chaos quickly. That includes church services. The apostle Paul shared with the church in Corinth that there should be order in service when we gather to worship God. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares with us a biblical view on order in worship.

1 Corinthians - Tongues

Arron Chambers


Description:People do weird things. Especially when it is a different culture we see things that appear strange but to them it is normal. The Church also has some strange customs that to the outside world seems weird. Yet these strange things are part of God’s plan to point to people to The Gospel. One of these gifts is called Tongues is a miraculous ability that God has given some to speak in a different langue. Join with Arron Chambers as he shares with us a message on speaking in Tongues.